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*Ist session 80 minutes

  • Full body fitness assessment evaluation

  • Understanding your fitness goals

  • Time frame to achieve fitness goals

  • Full personalized specific workout for you

  • Recovery for over active/under active muscles

  • Baseline nutritional guidelines

  • Homework

*All sessions thereafter will be 60 minutes.

Workouts will consist of a combination of:

  • Bodyweight movements

  • Resistance bands

  • Dumbbells

  • Barbells

  • Battle ropes

  • BOSU ball

  • BearBlocks

  • Stability ball

  • With other various fitness tool

Robert Krakauer

"Mike Anderson was an important part of my mid-life epiphany where I rebalanced work, home and health.  My fitness journey included typical benchmarks like weight loss, where I lost over 100 lbs and reversed Type 2 Diabetes, both of which probably will help me live longer.  More importantly I appreciate that Mike Anderson added a vitality and joy of working out into my life that I have maintained for over five years.  Now at 54 years old I can bench press, squat, and deadlift more weight than at any other time in my life while also working on mobility and incorporating power Yoga movements I have learned from Mike.  My fitness journey is not work, my weight is not about what the scale says.  My diet and fitness regime over the past five years have transformed my health and enable me to work on my bucket list adventures that mark my years and have now included:  losing 100lbs, running a half marathon, completing Spartan Races, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and running with the Bulls in Pamplona."


Nikki Rahimizad

"The Mike Anderson Fitness Program transformed my life forever!  The day I met Michael Anderson is the day my life changed forever in the best way because he helped me believe in myself when I was giving up completely! He never let me give up on myself and he taught me to always keep going and he sparked my love for fitness! I lost 140 lbs with the help of the Mike Anderson Fitness Program and regained control over my life again! Thank you so much Michael Anderson, you saved my life!"

Eda Sinner

"I couldn’t have gone through with my weight loss journey without Mikes guidance, help and training. Most trainer just stand there and expect you to know the right form and technique, but not Mike, he makes sure every client gets his full attention and dedication. He’s so passionate about what he does and it shows in his training sessions. I lost 95 lbs with Mikes fitness program."

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