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Welcome To Mike Anderson Fit

Welcome To Mike Anderson Fit


My intention is to help you become the best version of yourself. By joining the Mike Anderson Fit Vault you will have access to 80 different bodyweight and gravity workouts. No equipment is required, all you need is you and a pulse. This gives you the luxury to train any where anytime. Home, travel, office or outdoor.


These specifically design workouts are for any fitness level, beginner to advanced. To help you increase metabolism for weight loss, full body lean muscle, improve cardio vascular system, flexibility, balance and overall general health. 


The workouts are based on the way you are bio mechanically supposed to move naturally, no contorted movements.

Your monthly membership will consist of 16 guided body weight exercises per month. These 16 exercises will be broken down into 4 weekly workouts, each consisting of 4 exercises. For optimal results you must complete these 30 minute workouts 4 times per week. With your continued membership you will receive 16 new exercises to add to your fitness vault each month. These simple, effective, 30 minute at- home workouts are designed for all fitness levels.



Bear Blocks allow anyone to perform push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees, downward dog and many other body weight exercises without wrist pain. The precision engineered, anodized aluminum Bear Blocks save your wrist, hands, elbows and shoulders from the pain of body weight routines. Train in comfort with Bear Blocks. With your purchase of Bear Blocks, you also have the option to purchase 30 Bear Block workouts for $10.

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